Group Pets

Joe Cool

Credentials: Postdoctoral Researcher focusing on Cheese Studies, Ph. D. in Aerial Fetching

Position title: Caregiver: Ryan

One of the world’s most adorable creatures, enjoys sleeping, fetch, walks of two miles or less, and eating anything you are eating. He takes full advantage of his cuteness to beg for food at every opportunity, but we love him anyway.

Oreo the Fluffy Beast

Credentials: Chief Security Officer

Position title: Caregiver: Cara

A 14-year-old schnoodle adopted from Baraboo, WI. His favorite activities include naps in the sun or in front of the fireplace, protecting his home from threats such as delivery drivers, and sprinting from rug to rug (wood floors are slippery) in excitement any time one of his humans comes home (even if they were just on the front porch). Oreo currently lives in NC, where he enjoys the lack of snow and opportunity for outdoor activities all year round.

Toko Bean

Credentials: B.S. in Spring Chasing

Position title: Caregiver: Nicole

This sweet little angel is named from the anime character, “Tokoyami” which translates to “eternal darkness,” but her nickname comes from her adorable little black toe beans. Toko is quite possibly the SOFTEST animal you’ll ever touch and we are convinced she can do no wrong. As the only girl of the litter, she is much smaller than her brothers but that doesn’t stop her from holding her own in a wrestling match. She loves spending her mornings with you sleeping in and her afternoons in any patch of sun she can find.

Zuko Baby

Credentials: Ph. D. in Primordial Pouches

Position title: Caregiver: Nicole

This little prince has “first-born energy” and minimal brain cells. He is a one-tooth wonder after breaking his right canine four months after it grew in which makes his yawns EXTRA adorable. Our little lion hasn’t quite figured out what a “meow” sounds like, but his squeaks and chirps are just as delightful, especially when he’s rolling around on his back. You can find him in any box, bucket, bin, or sink he can at least mostly squeeze himself in or on a nice, warm lap.

Gojo Berry

Credentials: Master of Screaming

Position title: Caregiver: Nicole

This menace is too smart for his own good. He has a button he presses when he wants his feather toy to play and if we don’t respond, he will flip over the button tile and scream. If we hide the button, he screams. He is so active and loves running through his tunnel and up his climbing pole to the shelves or even just walks on his cat wheel. He is extremely affectionate and loves meeting new people and making them love him. No paper towel/toilet paper roll is safe around him.

Iznotalily Palmer

Credentials: B.A. Botany

Position title: Caregiver: Ryan

Iznotalily is not a lily, but rather a neanthe bella palm, or parlour palm. This plant lives a happy plant life in Ryan’s office where it receives nice, filtered water on occasion. Iznotalily is quite low maintenance and provides us with a higher quality of air which is much appreciated.

Nala Bear

Credentials: B.A. in Sleep Studies

Position title: Caregiver: Kimberly

Nala is a dog only in the technical sense. She does not care for the outdoors, has very little interest in other dogs, and hides when you say “walk.” Her hobbies include sleeping behind the bed, following her mom around, sleeping on the back of the couch, going for car rides, and sleeping in until noon. Most of her personality is contained within her especially fluffy ears. 

Abbott Rabbit

Credentials: Community Organizer, B.A. in Communication

Position title: Caregiver: Kimberly

Abbot is a COVID dog, and you can tell. He MUST be where the people are even if that takes him off dry land. He is energetic and playful but also loves to cuddle. His greatest fears are plastic bags, balloons, and of course, missing out. 

Molly with a "Y"

Credentials: B.S. in Environmental Studies

Position title: Caregiver: Kimberly

Molly is a Golden Retriever puppy who loves life. She is happiest when she is outdoors playing fetch and chasing butterflies. She can frequently be found fast asleep with 1-2 toys in her mouth. She was recently caught stealing and consuming a dozen raw cinnamon rolls. 

Petal Burkshaw

Credentials: Street Cred

Position title: Caregiver: Brie

Petal is a cat who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to let others know too. Mostly, all she wants to do is cuddle up on the couch, be carried around the house like a baby, or knock her father’s items off of counters. Petal does not know how to meow (she chirps like a bird) but she does know several tricks, including how to give high fives. Her favorite season is Christmastime because the tree doubles as the perfect hiding spot and infinite source of balls to play with. Overall, her chief concerns are getting fed as soon as dad gets home and being in every lap available.