Principal Investigator

Ryan Stowe

Credentials: Ph.D. The Scripps Research Institute, 2016; B.A. Albion College, 2010

Position title: Assistant Professor


Research Associates

Adam Schafer

Credentials: Ph.D. Miami University, 2020; M.S. Illinois State University, 2016; B.S. Illinois State University, 2011


Graduate Students

Kimberly DeGlopper

Credentials: B.S., Hope College, 2017


Nicole Greco

Credentials: B.S., University of Texas at San Antonio, 2020


Cara Schwarz

Credentials: M.S. UW - Madison, 2017; B.S. UW - Madison, 2015


Brie Bradshaw

Credentials: B.S., Bowling Green State University, 2022


Post-baccalaureate Researchers

Niall Ellias

Credentials: B.S. UW - Madison, 2022


Interested in joining a team working to improve chemistry learning environments and refine the theoretical commitments that could and should inform chemistry education research? The Stowe Group might be a good fit for your scholarly interests! See below for information on how to apply.


We are looking for several undergraduate researchers to join our team in order to assist with data collection and analysis for ongoing projects. Undergraduates can expect to receive substantial mentorship from more senior group members. Interested individuals should contact Ryan at for more information.

Graduate Students 

Current UW Madison graduate students who want to pursue a research agenda related to the design and assessment of chemistry learning environments should arrange a meeting with Ryan to discuss their interests. Those interested in joining the University of Wisconsin – Madison graduate program who intend to pursue chemistry education research should apply for admission to the graduate school. Information can be found here. Prospective students should feel free to contact Ryan to discuss their plans.